The Sun has finally set and it's time for us to close Barney's Place.

    It has been a wonderful journey.

    Our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles will remain available for hire.

    Contact us for more details.


    Update March 2022

    Unfortunately the time has come for us to close Barney's Place!

    Yes we are closing! has been an amazing journey that has spanned nearly 15years and we are grateful to all those that have made it such a wonderful experience. There have been some challenges along the way however the joy and happiness that we were able to bring to those that needed it most was well worth every moment. The loving and inclusive environment that Barney's Place was able to provide will be remembered fondly.

    Our Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles will still be available for hire. You can find all the information you need by visiting one of our websites below or sending us a message Here.

    Thank you for the wonderful ride, it was a blast!